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Symposium focuses on neck strengthening to prevent head trauma

Symposium focuses on neck strengthening to prevent head trauma

The NFL has taken a lot of reactive measures to try to improve the concussion. That’s terrific, but what about prevention?

Alex Marvez of attended a symposium in Cincinnati over the weekend that gathered 100 strength and conditioning coaches, with the focus being on preventing head trauma through neck exercises. The coaches believe neck strength makes all the difference.

“We’ve got all this information about kids and brain damage. But nobody is talking about any preventative measures,” said former Bengals strength coach Kim Wood, who help organize the weekend.

Five NFL teams sent reps to the seminar. Neck training techniques were taught and many believe they should be mandatory. That includes former NFL player Adam Stenavich, who now works at Michigan State.

“If training your neck can prevent multiple concussions that can lead to a brain disorder, it’s stupid not to,” Stenavich said.


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